Saturday, July 24, 2004

Indirect Transmission

When I am at work I can no longer post directly to Blogger - the Council blocks it as a 'Chat Room' .

This is an email post. I was walking along today when I saw one of Robert Anton Wilson's 24 clones (one who was comfortable walking). I caught his eye, and he caught mine, but neither of us flickered.

This sounds a bit like one of John Cage's Indeterminate stories. The album is just about to be re-released (and I have pre-ordered it - having only heard it once, many years ago, when I was in The States).

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can find the text and some sort of explanation online. This is a great site - you can actually play with the material...He would tell each of 90 anecdotes so that they lasted one minute (faster for long stories, slower for short).

And here's an older review

I clicked the online link for a random sample, and got story 23 (I kid you not)

When   I   got   the   letter   from   Jack   Arends
asking   me   to   lecture   at   the   Teachers   
                 I   wrote   back   and   said   I'd
 be   glad   to,
                          that   all   he   had   to
do   was   let   me   know   the   date.

                          He   did.

                 I   then   said   to   David   Tudor,

       'The   lecture   is   so   soon   that   I   
don't   think   I'll   be   able   to   get   all
ninety   stories   written,
                 in   which   case,
                        now   and   then,
                              I'll   just   keep   my
 trap   shut.'

                                 He   said,

                        'That'll   be   a    relief.'

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