Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Hey people - don't attack Google - that's like book-burning

I got angry now.

The people doing DOS attacks on Google are really stupid, or fucking crazy (or even full of shit). (I don't know for sure where they come on the Carlin/Leary Assessment Grid.

Forget that the Google people are accidentally making money for offering a great service...do you resent your favourite musician making lots of money?  I don't mind Bob making a load of cash by touring all the time and playing live... He was here for me a few weeks ago...

Don't burn down the library, guys - that always lets the bad guys get a few centuries of oppression going. Nothing they like better than to cut off information resources.

If you don't like Google having a monopoly - invent something even BETTER!

We gotta design our way out of this...don't confront any bad guys head on, and turn into them...

Of course, I am a paranoid, so I assume this is actually the work of 'agents provocateurs' - please don't tell me that it's anarchists, cynics, nihilists, or other unbelievers - I might have to withdraw my membership...           :-(

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