Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Hat Fair

Continuing my theme of finding friends and self in the library archives (similar to putting friend's names into Google), I remembered that Gerard Benson came up to me once at a street festival, and said "Did you see the article I wrote about the Hat Fair? I gave you a mention. Sorry, the sub-editor took out the adjective - I originally called you 'Toby, the magical acrobatic juggler'..."

Being just a street urchin at the time I was astounded, and flattered, and went to look it up for my scrapbook (now long lost), then forgot about it for 30 years.

Now here it is again. I wish I could write that well.


pentaphobe said...

Wow, that's really pretty :)
Quicksilver (Neal Stephenson) is taking me on a tour of olde London, so it's doubly nice to see any writing from prior to my existence (okay okay, so 1974 isn't exactly "olde London" but... )

ps: the email blogs won't accept comments for some reason - the permalinks just don't seem to exist.

Toby said...

I think Blogger is getting in a tangle. I couldn't delete my dumb comments on yours (no garbage can), and when I try to post (even to my own comments) I keep getting challenged for my Blogger ID.

Perhaps it's all getting to clever for itself...

Sorry about the vanity memory, but Gerard did say something like that - it's just the specific flattering adjective I can't be sure of (ain't memory a funny thing).

Toby said...

Correction: the garbage can is there on Pentablog comments, but when I click to delete it says it detected an error, can I sign in, so I do, and it takes me away from Pentablog to my own blog.


(hey, guys.....)

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