Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Aha - Excellent

The Council investigated and have obviously decided that Blogs (even with Comments) are not Chat Rooms, so I can post directly into the blog again, and add comments to other people's. Phew.

It's 4 p.m. and I didn't go to lunch yet, so I feel OK to take five minutes for myself. Even if I go to 'lunch' I am going to miss my afternoon coffee break.

What I wanted to do was copy here something I put in my Academy journal - for wider access:

NLP, Magick and Jokes
What more could you want?

I came across this site recently, called 23nlpeople, and particularly enjoyed the interviews, both the straight anti-psychiatry one, Austin Unplugged, and the magick one
"23 Initiates: An Interview with Andrew Austin " by Dale A. Hildebrandt Copyright 2002. Equal Knocks Magazine. The Journal of Illuminism.

I like someone who posts both praise from other people, and unpopular reviews of self. It indicates a fine sense of self-mockery, and supreme confidence, too (of course).

"Some great articles Andy. Our very own Oliver Sacks of NLP, The Man who mistook his wife for a tin foil hat :-) You should put all these together in a book." Adam Sargant Psycbiatric Nurse, NLP Master Practitioner.

"Following my investigation, I have some very serious concerns from a management perspective about your conduct while performing your duties…[therefore I am]… giving you one week's notice to end your employment…" Heather Bowman, Area Manager, Stonham Housing Association.

"…I thought you seemed motivated by a humane and compassionate attitude and one of genuine listening for the meaning behind the language of 'delusion'…I wish there had been a nurse like you in the hospitals I was in." K. N., patient.

"I have never known anything like it in my life. You are a disgrace, do you always behave in such a unprofessional manner?" Sharon Griffin, ex-manager, who really, really does need a high enema.

All power to him..

Oh, yeh, and he has an excellent links page about magic (without the 'k') and NLP, which will go straight onto my magic links page, as soon as I get home (I can do the blog from work, but I can't start editing my website (!)

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