Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Times they are a'changing

Cardiff Library has added an electronic newspaper search (for members only) to the website. There are various papers in digital form for the last ten years, but there is also The Times archive, going back a couple of hundred years. As a test I checked my family out. I found a tv listing for me working with Justin Case and Peter Wear in 1980; I found three theatre reviews which mentioned my mum favourably from the 50s; I found the actual listing for my dad's tv puppets in 1932. That was in the radio listings, and actually says that between 11-11.30 there will be a "Television broadcast by the Baird process (vision); A.R.Philpott;Rosemary Reynolds (dancer);Jack Crosbie (cartoons);Cyril Smith (accompanist) (Sound on 395.9m)"

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