Sunday, April 04, 2004


Although I tinker with my front page, rather than leave it as a familiar welcome, there are bits I obviously never look at. When adding a link to Douglas Harding's Headless Way I noticed that I had got Tranquility Base spelled with two 'l's. I have no idea how long it has been like that - and apologies to anyone else (like me) with a proof-reader's eye, to whom misprints and misspellings are physically uncomfortable.

In my own defence, I can only say that Front Page (a template of which is what I am using for this lazy website) spell checks in US English, and I can only assume I believed it one day, instead of sticking to my guns. (We argue a lot -- about traveling, and modeling, and organising, etc)...I almost accept the z for s these days, but I hate those double 'l's.

hey ho so it goes.

And I guess all my dyslexic friends really don't care....nor my US friends, come to that.

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