Saturday, May 10, 2003

Just doing a bit of Googling during my lunch hour. Looking for gossip about the trip to France, I found this chatroom, where people were saying it was too expensive: 8 Euros to get in , and 10 Euros for a signature. Trop cher!

I agree with dark.anakin "C'est clair que c'est un peu cher, surtout pour des persos vraiment secondaires dans la saga" and boba.fett7 made me laugh "Mais ce prix là pour des personnages de second plan est abusé surtout que dans la liste,on voit que l'on peut avoir l'autographe de l'opérateur de Jabba ?! Où est l'interet ? lol
A quand l'autographe du gars qui a livré la pizza à GL pendant le tournage de l'épisode III ?"
[who is interested in a Jabba operator's autograph? You might as well get the autograph of the guy who brought George Lucas's pizza....]

I agree of course. I know I am a very minor celebrity (At I am celebrity number 1,475,096, and they don't even know I was in Star Wars!)


I certainly wouldn't pay good money for my own signature...(je suis Marxiste, tendance Groucho).

I agree with all these guys, I am a secondary character, a bit part player. But then again, I don't spend my time collecting Star Wars toys and to me it's not just too expensive (as though there was a reasonable price for these things) it is merely ludicrous. But that's not to put people down - it's just to say we all value different things. I am probably going to pay $60 for a video of some crazy German magicians, because that's my sort of thing. Others might say

Too much!

Why should a piece of George Harrison's half-eaten toast be worth thousands of pounds (see 27 June 1999), but my signature not even 10 Euros? They are both ludicrous. Unless you are just into money, in which case the tradeable value is the only measure...and I see this guy is selling my autograph (obtained from me by post, for free) for £8 (more than 10 Euros, and I give you a glossy photo).

So, hey guys, don't begrudge un viel acteur une petite vacance.......I give the organisers a large percentage, and I pay for the photos, silver pens for signing, etc. so I only come away with about 4 Euros a picture.

que la force soit avec vous ! And if any of those French guys contact me I will send them a free pic, just for the hell of it! What more can I say?

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