Monday, September 05, 2011

Pyramid selling

I have no idea how one goes about 'monetizing' a blog. Most of what I read sounds like pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, chain letters, etc. Not something I want to get involved in.

I guess if I could find some content that I thought might actually appeal to a wider audience then I would feel OK about attempting it. I suspect my own interests remain too obscure.

One Point

Anyway, for now I decided to set up a new blog which would work as a nodal point for all my scattered material. I won't completely stop posting to the specialized ones, but I think it might be time for a new 'generalist' blog.

I have set up Time Piece (it may still change its name) as a place where I can have links out to all the old experiments, defunct blogs, bits and pieces scattered about - for my own convenience - and try out the new Blogger interface (who knew that Blogger had such a small share of the market place now?)


Anonymous said...

Talk about the Philpott Family being scattered it appears all these years when my twin brother and I pointed out your name on Star Wars Credits you are in fact my 2nd cousin and I only just discovered this after stumbling onto Wikipedia.

I am Robin Philpott the Grandson of (Edgar)"Phil" Philpott your father's brother.

I know neither side of our families have ever met or spoke or know anything about each other, But I am proud that someone in my family has a direct link to Star Wars.

I and my brother are both Star Wars Fanatics and it seems now have enjoyed watching our own families handywork on screen.

Toby said...

Hi Robin!
It always seemed that my dad had been the black sheep of his family, or something had happened for them all to lose touch, as I remained unaware of any brothers and sisters (my aunts and uncles) until my dad's funeral, when I met a couple of them, just the once.

I did a little bit of family tree at one point, but didn't really pursue trying to reconnect. Perhaps I am more like him than I know... :-)

Toby said...

I forgot to mention that I did spend a little time doing family trees, etc (as part of my job) but this side of the family is difficult because of all the different possible spellings.

You can see the beginnings of this work in
a post from 2006...

Oh My God! said...

FYI: Moneying up your blog has nothing to do with pyramid selling and everything to do with Google posting ads alongside your blog that relate to what you are writing about.

Toby said...

@ OMG - oh, I know. I just liked the title for the blog most of the "work from home and make hundreds of dollars" scams seem viral, MLM, or whatever - to me, at least.

I didn't take any time to expand on my loathing of that stuff (I spend a fair amount of time deleting such empty-headed and blatant posting from a forum I moderate).

Thanks for the reminder about how Google does it, but I simply don't have enough visitors, or write on sufficiently commercial themes, to bother really.

I don't need another 10 cents a month...

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