Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mind Mapping

I remember back in the summer that I started mapping what I use online, with a board and some Post-It notes...

Originally I just wanted to keep track of passwords and IDs, but then I became interested in what sites and software I had tried, the various places I had been, and had signed up for...

The intermediate stage
I started drawing lines as it got more complicated. (And I still have forgotten things spring to mind again, as well as joining new places, of course... )
It might prove useful in cancelling some unused subscriptions, as well as going back to stuff I liked and forgot about.

Then I tried putting it all into Personal Brain

I may put the dynamic/interactive version of the PB on the website eventually.
Personal Brain - expanded view of Outmind


Julie Shackson said...

Pretty like hog weed!

Toby said...

Yeah, I really can't tell whether I have made Identity Theft easier (from all the linkage of sub-personalities) or more confusing to attempt.

I may live to regret publishing, I guess...

Alice said...

Sir, you are ridiculously easy to cyberstalk! Not that I am complaining.
I often joke to my friends that puppetting Jabba's tongue would be my dream job... It's nice to know that the guy who has my dream job is so awesome!
Rock on.

Toby said...

@ Alice
Heh - well I know that after years of having several sub-personality avatars I may have linked a few together, but the journalist who had done the Wookipedia entry had found most of the jigsaw.

I may well live to regret mapping it, but hey, life's too short.

And of course, places still exist that I didn't put on this map, and others where the trail may well have gone cold (been there, done that) so hopefully I don't end up as a sitting duck.
Who knows?

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