Monday, September 06, 2010

Oh no, I may be going viral...

Although a couple of people shoved microphones at me, when I was in Orlando, I never expect such moments to be anything much more than a local radio station, or a fan website, etc.

Great fun, but I never assume anyone outside the fan base (however large that is) will come across it.

This anecdote (and I hope Carrie Fisher doesn't pop up and tell me I got it wrong all these years - which could happen, because the story is actually about how little we could see, and how little we knew about what was going on. If I had been invited to see the rushes I could probably tell you what actually happened...) ahem, anyway, this anecdote seems to have caught the ear of an editor somewhere, and after appearing on the Moviefone site it has migrated to the AOL/Video page, where it is apparently getting lots of hits!

The Man Who Licked Princess Leia: An Interview With Jabba the Hutt Puppeteer Toby Philpott


Julie Shackson said...

There are many worse things to be famous for!

Toby said...

I know, but does anyone care that I was one of the first people juggling five balls in the streets of London?


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