Thursday, March 18, 2010


The countdown is already getting like the clock on the bomb at the end of the movie, when the hero tries to guess whether to cut the red or the blue wire.

It's not so much a device for blowing people up, as for winding up the tension for a climax.

It actually allows you to put a clock on the screen (but editors manipulate 'real time').

Why do you find me mumbling to myself? Well, I have made half a commitment to take part in Script Frenzy, and I suspect a bit of planning might prove more important with a screenplay, than with a novel.

And I haven't done any planning, and April looms.

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Toby said...

I did do some planning, and completed 100 pages in two weeks, well within the month allowed.

It'll need lots more work, of course...

You can follow my progress on the dedicated blog Right...well...


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