Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting silly now

After enjoying John Sinclair (up in Stourbridge live, but listen to Radio Free Amsterdam) touching on the Beats and Jazz, and Bob D still turning out Theme Time Radio - drawing on all the roots music of the last (say) 8o years - although the 100th edition entitled Goodbye might prove the end of a cycle - I have run out of sensible drug connections and ended up with 'what's legal', a very limited (and limiting) choice of alcohol and nicotine.

Hey ho, walk the dog, and regret nothing.

XM Radio have now (it seems) more or less stopped their free trials (which let me, with random Yahoo addresses, listen to Bob every Wednesday in the UK) and BBC Radio plays Bob repeats (only within the UK) but the run has reached an end point.

Fair enough. Get a life (and start torrenting). The artists have to get paid, I know, but they also need 'airing'.

(blush) OK, XM let me again (7-day free trial), check out Deep Tracks, so superb, as a mix....
Taking the dog out now, to wander the mean streets, and just hum the stuff I'd like to hear for real...

Monday, August 17, 2009

What a Long Strange Trip it's been

I had real fun leaving work early on a Friday, to make my way (via 4 trains) to Stourbridge to see a genuine 60s hero working with a friend of mine. A showing of the movie TWENTY TO LIFE: THE LIFE & TIMES OF JOHN SINCLAIR (87-minute documentary film by Steve Gbehardt, 2007) then John Sinclair doing his poetry, and DJ Fly mixing musical accompaniment (although I bet that ain't the word for it these days).

Not only did I enjoy the gig itself, but had one of those smooth journeys, as though the universe wanted me to get there, nice and easy-like. The trains went on time, I met Nick outside the gig, we walked into town and bumped into Fly and Janne. After the gig I met up with Jack and Tony, and got whisked away to take tea and talk all night. A little sleep, more tea, then a ride into town on the extraordinary Hankmobile (thanks Hank!) a really fun way to travel, where I immediately met up with Fly and Janne again, then sat with Mr Sinclair for a short while, before strolling to pick up train connections (complete with a guard who advised me of a better route, saving me a couple of hours!) All very smooth. More on this later, gotta go back to work!

Check out John's new book, "It's All Good: a John Sinclair Reader".

His touring website - On The Road.

John's Wiki entry.

DJ Fly Agaric 23 on MySpace

Listen to John’s shows on
Radio Free Amsterdam

Episode #276 of the Radio Show (with DJ Fly Agaric) uploaded at SoundCloud

Fly on MySpace
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