Monday, February 09, 2009

Cardiff avoids disaster

I gather the weather remains pretty foul everywhere, but here in Cardiff we may live in a micro-climate.

OK, it's cold and wet, but hardly a threat to life and limb - or any kind of excuse to close schools and stay off work (much though I'd like to right now).

I guess there may be more snow on the way - and no doubt it remains pretty heavy up in the cottage (where Julie and Dandy are right now), but I just got a wet, grey Monday to contend with. Oh, actually the webcam at Pontrhydygroes shows the snow clearing, right now.

These blog entries are drifting from serious Thought for the Day, to a weird bland blend of Facebook and Twitter (and pictures of the dog).

"What RU doing right this moment?"

(typing, of course!)

Broken-down metaphors

Hey ho. I amuse my friends by using car metaphors, when I can't even drive, but I suppose I see

  • websites as for stick-shift drivers

  • blogs and forums for people who like automatic (less to know or think about)

  • Facebook and Twitter, etc simply seem like Dodgems /Bumper cars...great fun, for some, but so limited as to be almost useless for 'transport purposes'. IMHO Although communal picture albums seem fun (you could also try Flickr).

  • At least on MySpace musicians can easily upload music samples, which I like - and YouTube lets you share vids, etc

But each to their own, of course. I'd hate to sound like a snob, when I hardly devise websites (HGV license?) or write code (racing drivers?) or innovate (world land speed record?)

Metaphors always end up over-stretched, eventually - sigh.


Toby said...

Oh dear, did I upset someone?

No sooner do I find a weather station where I can watch the weather near the cottage, than it disappears from public view (sigh).

Hey ho.

Toby said...

Oh, maybe it was just one of those blocks from a council machine.

This evening, from home, I can see the snow clearing further, in an updated picture.

Now I wonder which field that is in?

The Purple Gooroo said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha - I liked your car/website metaphor. I suppose I'm mostly a blogger/Facebooker--just along for the ride.

I haven't tried 'Twitter' yet - I'm a bit wary. For me, it'll just be more time on-line. I'm already on-line too much at the moment, the interwebs suck up most of my 'free' time.

Toby said...

Hi PG - well, I knew I had over-extended the metaphor, as ever.

I have to say that one part of me enjoyed getting under the hood (and finding out how how things work) when developing my original website, but I spend far more time on content, these days. The thought of having to reconstruct that clunky old website, fully compliant, CSS rendered and all that - fills me with dread.

Metaphorically, I want to get from A to B, so 'just along for the ride' sounds about right. :-)

Let's face it, in real life I walk, use public transport, or hitch with drivers (and try not to treat them like chauffeurs!)

Maybe when I have a bit more free time I will return to hand building my own....

Now I really don't know if I am talking about KAR 120C or websites...

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