Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dropping like flies

I had every intention of dropping in here to celebrate W.C.Fields birthday - a favourite fellow juggler, fellow Aquarian, and fellow curmudgeon.

Now I heard that John Martyn died this morning, and I don't feel quite so jolly, although I still want a serious drink, in honour of both of them.

I knew John back in the days when he looked and sounded like an angel. I knew him well enough to know that he was a bit tougher than that, but I was so astounded by his talent that I felt honoured to just sit and roll joints for him, and listen to him play. I never even had the bottle to grab a set of bongos, and try to accompany him (sigh).

It was only a few weeks ago that Davy Graham died - who was the hero to just about all the guitarists at the time - and I met many of them, just from working at Bunjies Coffee Bar, and (more importantly) at Les Cousins Folk and Blues club (the place to be).

I never did show any talent for 'talking music' so I never got really close to they would get bored with words, and start talking through their instruments. I was still pretty happy to just be the tea boy (in both senses of the word).

Anyway. He's gone. And I never got to say thank-you just one more time.

Talking 'bout my generation...

Or rather - I feel like screaming along with Joe Cocker:

You feeling alright?
I'm not feeling that good myself, yeah
Well, you feeling alright?
Hey, I'm not feeling that good myself.

Woah, you feeling alright?
Yeah, I'm not feeling too good myself
Woah, woah, I'm lonely
But I'm not feeling that good myself.

You can turn away
You feeling alright?
I'm not feeling that good myself, I tell you.


The Purple Gooroo said...

I saw that story, too - sad news, about John and Davy. I'm taking "Inside Out" to work with me today to listen to. 60 seems way too young of an age to go (just like Syd Barrett). :(

My gran also passed away yesterday. She was 97, though, and lived a pretty full life.

Tom the Piper's Son said...

Love your blogs and the pictures as well. i would have given - well, not a finger or arm, maybe a toe, being a musician and all - to have rolled a joint for John or Davy.
You may want to see my gushing blog on John and Davy written not so long ago -
thanks for the great tribute to John!

Toby said...

Hi Tom!

nice one! You know more of music than I.

I remain a humble and enthusiastic member of the audience, who doesn't know how they do it - but the memories are wonderful.

And the Incredible String Band! I never got to know The Two that well, but did hang out with the wonderful Clive Palmer a bit - he was away, just as they shot to fame as a duo - and never re-joined them. I loved his back-porch laid-back banjo style - Empty Pocket Blues.

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