Thursday, December 18, 2008

I really got the Dark Day Blues

Hey ho - the solstice is on its way, and now I walk the dog every evening I will notice the lengthening days much quicker than the average city dweller.

I have so often been the 'bringer-down' or ghost at the feast at this time of year I almost have a role to play as Mr Bah Humbug.

I never have felt particularly against people having fun, but I do think we should attempt it every day of our lives, not just for some narrow season.

Still, everyone claims the excuse of illness these days, nothing is ever their own fault. There's a symptom, a syndrome, a genetic tendency, anything you like, but whatever you suffer from it's not your fault.

So I am going to finally suggest that I get ill and fatigued with S.A.D, and those factors make this time of year stressful for me, because of the 'busyness', socialization and all that.

My irritability and sneering don't arise from bad attitudes, I just feel a bit rundown.

The festival isn't lowbrow (although a house around the corner has a Nativity Scene complete with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Santa and a Snowman); the shopping and sales aren't a frenzy of consumerism; the family get-togethers are not all miserable; the religion isn't all empty of genuine sympathy for homeless people (who only need a place at the inn) or the sixth of the planetary inhabitants who don't even have fresh water.

No, I am just under the weather. Nothing to worry about. It'll soon pass.

And I wish you all a very merry christmas time!


jambedavdar said...

Chin up. I've been feeling a bit crappy, both mentally and physically (proper flu) recently. May I just take this opportunity to say I love the blog and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. J

Toby said...

Thanks mate, I have brightened up again. I just get under the weather at this time of year, but now the days are getting longer!

All the best!


Anonymous said...

for you and your family too, Merry Christmas and felic navidad everything in a state of change.. you know that.. so keep on your routine it will keep you healthy
wish you warm,cozy
and luminous holiday time

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