Friday, December 05, 2008

Hey, get some quality time online...

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Anyone (if such a person exists) who looks at this blog even erratically, will know about Bobby Campbell, an artist who I have collaborated with (remotely) for some time.

Mostly (mostly) I have done words and he has done images for short pieces, but he also scripts extended artwork for other people to draw.
What Bubba Had Did
So to sample that particular mixture, try the online graphix here @Gnosis where you can read a free comic adventure for the curious of mind (weekly, updated Sundays).

This - drawn by Marcelino Balao III, written by Bobby - a whole different graphic style and magical words, wonderful to behold.

Check it out. Stretch yer mind a little.

[Update 29th December: Bobby has begun contributing a regular-ish Thorsday posting at OM,Dreaming@Wake.

Worth visiting for the Toynbee Tiles alone!]


Bobby Campbell said...

Very much appreciate the notice, Toby! New episode just went live, curiouser and curiouser...

Toby said...

I can't guarantee much of a click through audience, as I still have no idea who visits...but those select few might appreciate being pointed in the right direction!
Every little bit helps, I guess, out here in cryptospace...

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