Friday, November 07, 2008

Bogus takes a break from writing

I have amazed myself by getting in front on the writing numbers. This has even left me time to actually explore a little what other people are doing.

Normally, I think of wandering around forums as the almost perfect procrastination tool! It amused me to get a sound bite into the WriMo radio podcast, so I decided to dig out an old webcam, crash my machine with out of day software, Restore (sigh) download something a little newer, and then rattle off a video for the NaNoWriMo video blog corner.
Why not? I learn by doing...never did seem very good at theory.

How good the first attempts come out doesn't bother me much. Well, I died the death when things didn't work in my show, so did lots of rehearsal and practice, but in workshop situations (which I consider trying to write a book in a month as) anything goes. That's the general principle behind it - Go for it, shut down the Inner Critic, just try stuff out.

So I know how bad this appears. Julie told me the lighting makes me look 100, but I was attempting the Magus in the den look. Perhaps I should have adopted an eldritch voice, to, to make it clear. Sorry Julie, I know I don't really look like this, except maybe first thing in the morning with a hangover, feeling my age! With the Keith Richard craggy lines, and all.

Oh, and the howling fan on my elderly PC just swamped the mic, so Brian Eno's Discrete Music is rather too loud. Hey ho, I'd do Take Two if I could be bothered, but this is a month of not looking back, not editing, just do it and move on.

I'll try to improve on it with the next one, maybe take a little time!


The Purple Gooroo said...

I liked the vid, Bogus..and the Eno in the background was a nice touch.

Sounds like you're doing well with the novel-writing. Will the new one be available through Lulu?

Write on, brother!

Toby said...

Heh, well if you'd heard the whine of the fan on my test run, you'll know why I tried putting music on.

Of course, laid-back music too loud is a little weird, but hey...

If it all goes well, then I will probably throw it up on Lulu, why not?

Toby said...

In terms of looking archetypal, I see someone has tagged the video with
"Hey, you look like Sephiroth!"

Some kind of character from Final Fantasy, apparently...

I think I only have long grey hair in common, but who am I to comment!

Amusingly enough, someone has listed David Bowie/Sephiroth as lookalikes! (a slightly more credible match, IMHO)

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