Monday, August 11, 2008

Feeling a little better

Phew, this really has begun to resemble a 'diary'. I don't often use it to record my mood swings, or as a confessional - although blogs mutate.

I generally think of it as a kind of public notebook, in which I scribble my rants and raves, and occasionally people appear to read them.

I don't have 'an audience' in mind. I don't think of it as a family newsletter. I certainly have few illusions about becoming some kind of online journalist. I write to clarify my thoughts, to practice my writing, and so on.

The sheer discipline of writing regularly seems important.

And it frees Julie up from having to listen to the babble out loud - more of it can go on in my head!

Maybe Meetup some time?

I had a lot of fun recently meeting up with some of my online buddies, as we share interests and some kind of common language. Last year we had 5 people get to Belgium/Holland for the annual meetup, and this year we reached 8!

Amazing that when we meet we just carry on where we left off typing. No-one has proved a disappointment, everyone seemed kind of familiar - and we got on terrifically! I do tend to keep my sub-personalities apart - not for secretive reasons, just compartmentalisation. If you feel any interest in the Maybe Crew then you can always use the links scattered here and there - we have had a blog for 3 years, produced 14 editions of an online magazine (with a hard copy special in the pipeline), we have taken courses together - on Robert Anton Wilson (the founder of the Academy) and just about anything he could interest us in, from James Joyce to anarchic politics, alternative economies, etc.
Stein was taking the picture
Anyway, I brought it up because one of the Maybes (that I met face to face in Paris) has invited me to go as his guest to Norway for a music festival! Punkt 08. We talked on the Eurostar, and Eno came up, among a dozen other subjects, and now he will visit Norway, and so will I! The phone call came the same day that doggie had his op.

You see, the whole thing does connect up. Simultaneous highs and lows keep me confused, but they keep me here on the planet, too. Big thanks to Stein for making that day bearable!

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The Purple Gooroo said...

Let me know if you're ever around Oxford, Bogus, and we'll arrange a meet-up.

I was in the Cardiff area in May--but the wife and I didn't really stop..we sorta drove on the ring road around the city, on our way up to North Wales.

I'm *still* planning on making one of the "big" MLA 'Dog Daze' meet-ups sometime. Damn finances!

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