Wednesday, June 04, 2008

keep on keeping on

For those rare souls who read this on anything like a regular basis, I regret my lapse of urgency and updating. Too many projects on the go means that various aspects of my online world get neglected.

Julie and Dandy are back at the cottage right now, for a week, but I don't get more rest. What I save in not going walking an hour or two per day I lose in late nights and lack of sleep.

Current projects include
  • conspiring with a few scattered folks to produce a hard copy edition of the Maybe Quarterly (perhaps including a CD)
  • continuing my online study (devising a remote learning project - focused on both staff and public use of computers)
  • writing something for the online edition of the Solstice edition (MQ)
  • dreaming of living in the country and working online, semi-retired (still having trouble getting that sharply into focus)
  • running the Circus Arts Forum
  • refreshing my French for a flying visit to Paris for an MLA meet-up on 23rd July
  • digging out some pix to go to Wrexham for a Sci-Fi and Comics fair (I pretty well stopped doing Star Wars conventions now, but agreed to this one because of moving north in Wales - just a superstitious 'yes')

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