Thursday, June 26, 2008

More upset than I can say

I hate to lose George Carlin before I got to see a live set.

I'll put more up on Only Maybe, but for those who don't understand the power of words over your sensibilities - don't even go there. Or his website...

I really thought Lenny Bruce had worked a lot harder than D.H. Lawrence to show people that words can never hurt them. Henry Miller did a lot - but once the hardline, radical feminists trashed his reputation (not seeming to see how he and Anais had worked to liberate the world from prudery) all his good work, all his wonderfully humorous, humane and liberating work has faded away. Shame. After all, Erica Jong seemed to think he had something to contribute (Henry, I mean).

And now the puritans and prudes will only remember George for his Seven Words you can't say on television (as they snigger and gasp away).

People come and people go, and most people still let Words upset them, even if their childhood rang to

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me...

Bye, George! Rock on! (What a shame the UK never heard of you, and I never got to a live gig). I hope you and Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce and Robert Anton Wilson, and Timothy Leary have a great time mind-melding in the bardos...

And forget the rude words (OK, OK, a couple of 'shits') - in this greedy Western world of object-fetishism, try five minutes of the comedy genius on:

A Place For My Stuff

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Solstice News

Dandy patiently sits in the restaurant, having avoided the £1000 fine for 'dogs on the beach'
I hope you all enjoyed yourselves for the Solstice. Julie and I celebrated knowing each other for ten years. Dandy came, too! We simply had a meal (no dressing up) down on Penarth sea front.

NoFit State silver tentThe main NoFit State circus crew (currently in Montpelier in the south of France, with the UFO tent, performing TabĂș) should have Gaz and Andy along for the ride.Barnz doing the Escher counterbalance walk for an aerialist

The Swindon set by Tancred Ingram
The British crew (community arts group, and lots of other folks, very far from a B-Team, did a huge spectacular event down in Swindon recently).

You can see all sorts of pix on Facebook, under NoFit State Family and Friends.

At the Maybe Logic Academy we didn't put Maybe Quarterly edition #15 online for the Solstice, but rather spent the same energy moving the Only Maybe blog, and Maybe Quarterly into the campus (it'll take a little tweaking) and working on producing a print copy of Maybe Quarterly - just for the hell of it! (It will feature pieces from the previous 14 editions, so you can go see what we intend to work with here.

Meanwhile, Julie has put the first of her photos online, Yo seems to have plans to put up a website, and run some sort of self-employed business, Keili must now be approaching the end of his study period, so will explode back into the world, and everything seems pretty good to me.

I wouldn't mind a little quiet time, however!
Five go mad in Belgium
Perhaps at the cottage Julie has conjured up (with a lot of hard work!) in July, before joining another mad MLA get-together in Paris. Last year we met in Belgium and A'dam and had a great time, and this year we expect more people.

Oh yes, and my online study group continues to excite, stimulate and interest me, whether or not I ever turn it into a paying job as an online worker. You never know where you may end up, when training. I did a mime course, and ended up as a film puppeteer! Surprise!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

keep on keeping on

For those rare souls who read this on anything like a regular basis, I regret my lapse of urgency and updating. Too many projects on the go means that various aspects of my online world get neglected.

Julie and Dandy are back at the cottage right now, for a week, but I don't get more rest. What I save in not going walking an hour or two per day I lose in late nights and lack of sleep.

Current projects include
  • conspiring with a few scattered folks to produce a hard copy edition of the Maybe Quarterly (perhaps including a CD)
  • continuing my online study (devising a remote learning project - focused on both staff and public use of computers)
  • writing something for the online edition of the Solstice edition (MQ)
  • dreaming of living in the country and working online, semi-retired (still having trouble getting that sharply into focus)
  • running the Circus Arts Forum
  • refreshing my French for a flying visit to Paris for an MLA meet-up on 23rd July
  • digging out some pix to go to Wrexham for a Sci-Fi and Comics fair (I pretty well stopped doing Star Wars conventions now, but agreed to this one because of moving north in Wales - just a superstitious 'yes')
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