Thursday, April 03, 2008

Punch Drunk in the Spring

I haven't dealt with this stupid clock change very well.

In fact I have spent the whole week with jet-lag, and my body refusing to get up 'an hour earlier' every day.

You can't fool my body by just changing the clocks. My body (like all the wild and farm animals) is following the sun. Why the few people who want to save daylight can't just get up earlier by the clock I have no idea.

All the cities of the country disrupted because some farm workers need to use the available daylight? Which seems even weirder, because the very animals that these folks are working with still come for milking at the same time by the sun, surely?

I don't get it. I think it's some old patronising thing about not trusting people who need to make seasonal adjustments to make their own arrangements - so we'll change 'reality' and that'll fool the plebs. Well, it fools everything else except the bodymind bit of me, which sticks doggedly to its own habits...(yawn).

And with Julie and doggie away I also drink red wine and lounge around into the small hours, which probably doesn't help...

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