Friday, August 03, 2007

Moments Later...

One minute cheerful and glowing, the next I go down with some bug. Spent all of Sunday under the duvet, and the snuffling, coughing, aching, tired thing has dragged on all this week. (Apologies to the people at work having to cover for me, but you wouldn't wanna see me in a state like this).

The dog mostly seems disappointed by my condition (I don't wanna play much) but once he gave up nagging he did join me dozing on the sofa under the duvet one day, as you can see...(just in case I had forgotten about him!)
Dandy decided to try this sleeping thing...


The Purple Gooroo said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly, Bogus - I haven't been sleeping well lately myself - bit of an anxiety flare-up. Hopefully I'll be better soon...

Talk care and hope you get well shortly!

Toby said...

Well I hope you feel better soon PG!

All I have is a rather familiar bug (when I came home wondering if maybe I had hay fever, Julie said, "I recognise that cough") - I didn't used to get ill that much when working as a performer (and younger!) but since I started working in 'sick buildings' at a desk - and libraries in particular form a sanctuary for a whole range of people - and I touch every keyboard in the building in my role as IT first-aider - I have had a cold/flu a year, at least.

Hey ho. The cynical people at work might suggest I had partied too hard for two weekends, gone without sleep, lowered my resistance, and then spotted a sunny day on the way. But you know what cynical people get like!

I hope you can find the right mental/physical tools to deal with anxiety. If it has a 'real' basis then you can tackle the cause because doing something usually helps, but if it has no apparent or tangible cause you may have to work on those more esoteric matters we discuss over in the MLA.

States of Mind, Eight Circuit stuff, you know (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more...)

The Purple Gooroo said...

Cheers, Bogus - yeah it happens every so often - once every couple of years. I think it may be just a build-up of stress that releases itself this way. Sorta "free-floating" anxiety.

I think you're right, though - it may be 8-circuit stuff, frames of mind. I do breathing exercises, which helps and try to stay as positive as possible. I've had to resort to meds the last few times - but this time I'm trying to conquer it mostly on my own.

I know what you mean about working in 'sick buildings' - I've had many jobs in buildings with re-cycled air and I usually get a flu/cold at least once a year as well.

Anyway, ignore the cynical folk and recuperate - talk to ya soon!

Crissie said...

Well I'll commiserate, I had the snuffles and sneezes thanks to a client coming in wearing some perfume my sinuses took a dislike too. laid me out for a day and a half.

Plus fighting a little deppression that keeps seeping in since I was mugged , the fractured skull I received in the fracas brought with it headaches, loss of memory and an increasing desire to leave the USA.
Bound for where I don't know.
Anyway the snuffles are gone and so too are the headaches for the time being. So get well, be happy and keep playing with the Dod.
LOL Crissie

Toby said...

Hi Crissie!

Sorry to hear about the health, and the feelings that it's time to move on...if that's not what you really want to do.

This old body just doesn't seem to bounce back so well (or maybe that's just false memories) but here I am nearly two weeks later, still feeling tired, coughing, and with RSI (or some kind of strain) up my right arm and shoulder.

How about moving within the USA? Do you see that as an option? It's a big old place...

Crissie said...

Sure moving within the USA is always an option , there are some very beautiful places ,Oregon , Montana, The California Coast is long and beautiful etc.
BUT the local level of violence in the schools and in the streets here is escalating along with this administrations absorbtion with its war in Iraq.
I just don't know how many more times I can take it. Burglerised twice, shoulderbag snatched 4 times , mugged and raped once which included a broken nose, cheekbone and hands,and now mugged and a fractured skull. on none of these occasions was i doing anything to provoke anyone .

I just don't know at this time where i want to be. Soooooo

I the meantime I have some really good friends right here and a thriving business.
Who knows ....just sharing todays unplesantnesses .I'm not unhappy.

LOL Crissie

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