Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Solar Returns (many happy)

Have You Seeen the stars tonight? Not a lot of planets up there, just Saturn (order and limitations), nearly everything else in opposition, or in a placatory trine. What do I know? I know the Sun has conjoined with Neptune (myths and dreams) in its Opposition to Saturn. Take that as you will.

Many thanks to Astrodienst for a totally free, but powerful tool online. It takes the left brain out of astrology (although I used to quite enjoy the maths and the 3-D imaginings). Now I just snap my fingers, and bypass that 'scholar by candlelight with his tables' stage completely - and go straight to the dreaming.

My left-brain reminds me that this pattern got given the name "The Bucket" by someone in my readings so long ago...I don't remember what it means exactly, I can't quite get a handle on it!

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