Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Run Away and Join...

I feel delighted when I see where circus got to over the last few years, and to know that I contributed in some small way to reviving this excellent artform.

The only curious thing, to me?

If you'd needed all those qualifications in my day, I wouldn't have even got started!

Great news that NoFit State won the Best Theatre Show prize at the Tarrega Festival! I hope that means they can survive another year, and perhaps do more 'mainland Europe' shows next year.


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Toby said...

Fuck off, anonymous!

I'd delete you if I hadn't just this moment told someone that I hadn't received blog-spam-advertising-comments like yours.
I come in, and find you here.

Go get some talent or creativity, assuming your not just some evil bot-program spamming the Web.

I'll delete you when I get bored, but I prefer to leave you hanging on the fence to warn off other intruders, and show readers what I have to put up with.

Real comments, from real people, however - ALWAYS WELCOME!

Anonymous said...

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pentaphobe said...

'bout time blogger put in some anti-spam stuff.
(like on my contact form)

BM: in the meantime (hmm. a good word with the psychedelic backing track to your MQ article) just toin orf the anonymous option so that a login is required.

I do like the option for people to just drop in and comment but this is ridiculous, all you're doing is feeding their google ranking :(

Harry said...

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Bogus Magus said...

Yeh Pentaphobe, I will turn all this stuff off soon, especially as I think no-one of my friends needs to use the comments, and (apart from you) I never received an interesting comment!

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