Saturday, April 30, 2005

Back in One Piece

I have just returned from an adventure. Although I still work in the library, the Star Wars fans finally tracked me down, and talked me into attending Celebration 3 in Indianapolis. I met all sorts of great people (many in costume); I met Chris Alexander and his crew who made a life-size origami model of Jabba (!); I met up with Dave Barclay (the other half of Jabba, and chief puppeteer) which was delightful; I met up with Crissie Trigger (who drove over from Springfield) which was amazing; I put faces to several cyberspace friends (who had previously just been email buddies); when I have had time to look at the photos, and digest some of the stories, I will probably make a page up.

What a blast! And the tax man is gonna be happy with his cut, too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Springfield Illinoise, all the states have a Springfield including Indiana where you were, BUT springfield Illinois is the only Springfield that can lay claim to the Simpsons.... It was good to see you.

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