Monday, March 28, 2005

Gloria Mundi

Nice to hear from Sunshine earlier - on a random email. Another of the fascinating creative people I have crossed paths with. Do you remember (did you ever get to see?) an influential punk/goth (?) band called Gloria Mundi? And hi to Eddie, too!

Sunshine at The Marquee

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Glennie said...

Nice to see Mundi haven't been forgotton. Still my favorite band and got a tattoo on my arm since 17 (now 44). Still amazed at how good they were/are when I play their stuff. There really should be a CD so newer generations can hear. How about it E&S?

cymrank said...

yes,i totally agree.I saw all thier gigs.G.M. and Tanz Der Youth.The 2 best bands that never made it.We want a C.D. G.M. were astounding.

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