Friday, January 07, 2005

Up and Down Days

Phew - been down with a cold since last week. Very tiring, coughing.

It has cushioned me a little from the horror of nature at her wildest...maybe a blessing in disguise for a 'sensitive' empath. At least buying shelter and reconstruction bits for Christmas presents looks like a good idea right now - I am glad I did it, and encouraged others to do it, too.

One of my fellow students was ill for the week before the earthquake, as she is much more sensitive than me, and retains the pre-warning sense of earthquakes that animals display.

Or we are kidding ourselves.


Perhaps these events could work as an evolutionary driver - and push us in the direction of spending our wealth on livingry rather than weaponry. But I am not holding my breath, so long as phoney websites are being set up to scoop charitable donations from the gullible, and the wars grind on.

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