Thursday, January 13, 2005


The cold/flu has almost left my system (almost!) but I still cough as though it is trying to turn me inside out at times.

Back at work, however - the old Stoic training from my mum.

Just heard from another Star Wars fan site, which will be updating to include my Jabba work, etc - thanks to Leah for the care she has put into this. Nerf-Herders Anoymous.

The Quantum Psychology course has started with a bang...feels good to be mingling with brains I don't have to explain my weirdness to...

I hope you are all OK out there...big Hi to family, especially Yo and Tilda (I worry about the Atlantic on your walk into town) - Julia and all her 'spin-offs', and the Pentaphobe - long-lost friends and fans and family everywhere - whatever calendar you are on - whatever festivals you celebrate...

Good Will to all critters everywhere!

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