Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!

I forgot to wish you all a happy 2005 (Gregorian) - there I was thinking it was still the Year of the Monkey until February 9th, when it will be the Chinese New Year of the Rooster 4702.

"The legal code of the United States does not specify an official national calendar. Use of the Gregorian calendar in the United States stems from an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom in 1751, which specified use of the Gregorian calendar in England and its colonies. However, its adoption in the United Kingdom and other countries was fraught with confusion, controversy, and even violence. It also had a deeper cultural impact through the disruption of traditional festivals and calendrical practices."

According to a recent estimate, there are about forty calendars used in the world today.

According to 'Pataphysics, today is simply
6 Décervelage 132 de l'Ere Pataphysique
6 Décervelage 132 EP


pentaphobe said...

Although it makes perfect sense (when I think about it), I never would have considered that lack of specification.

Well worth thinking about. thanks for a nice bit of over-the-morning-coffee contemplation. .. it can go with my Guy Fawks reading (I was attempting to explain it to americans and realised a distinct lack of detail in my brain)

patrick said...

the celtic new year began on Dec 21st

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