Friday, December 17, 2004

not always cynical

Back on November 24th I mentioned buying stuff for Concern, rather than presents. I sent a variation of that post to all co-workers, and a few friends.

I was delighted to hear that Llanrumney Library are buying some chickens, and Fairwater Library are going to buy a couple of goats.

Check it out here or ring them on 0800 731 5249 - and yes, they will send you a paper order form if you prefer.Goats £25 School Supplies £15 Tools and seeds £30 Manual Water Pump £125 (Did you know that 200 million hours are spent each day by women and girs to collect water from distant, often polluted sources?) Mosquito Nets £107 Fruit Saplings £5 5 Chickens £7 Shelter Kit £40 Maize for a family for 2 months £90 Teacher Training £55

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