Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Maybe Solstices and Equinoxes

The 'magazine' of the Maybe Logic Forum has come out. Students threw the whole thing together in a very short time - the whole thing was compiled by an editor who was able and willing to put in the hours.

Maybe Quarterly may well grow and change. I know Frater K (current editor) sees it as based on Crowley's Equinox. I wouldn't know, never having read that particular magazine, but not being a ritual magician (in fact, being quite violently against rituals of all sorts!) I would prefer if it remained somewhere in the creative 'Arts' field, rather than the 'Magick' one.

I am not very zealous about that - after all, most of my fun comes from writing and presenting short pieces to fellow students in the forums, precisely because the people seem both unshockable and well-informed, and often share my interests. A published medium like MQ can only represent a teaser campaign to get you to join the forum, really, if it appeals to you.

End of story.

I like Acrillic's stuff - especialy as he started me off into using pictures in posts (when we were doing the Ideogrammic course) and ends with some great links - The piece is called Untitled 1.0

And Ray does a good job of describing the fun of doing an online course of research and discussion in Conspiracy, Coincidance and Code. That course actually got a little lost, with the US election dominating everyone's horizon for a while.

Oh, and I contributed a short piece about Illuminatus! - both the book, and the online course we did with Robert Anton Wilson (one of the co-authors) as tutor. Excellent fun!

Fuzzbuddy's graphics are great for the cover. All in all, a success!

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