Friday, December 10, 2004

I wanna button to drive traffic AWAY!

Aaaargh That was horrible, I noticed a button to explore other blogs, and clicked through about 4 randomly-chosen one until I hit a Christian bigot (well, I'd LIKE to hit a Christian bigot...) who was discussing the virtues of BlogExplosion - some nasty pyramid scheme to 'drive traffic to your blog'.


I don't have anything to sell, or to promote. I just use this for my own thoughts and rants and notes for future reference - but leave it open for friends and family to browse. If the occasional stranger or film fan comes across it, fine - it's not hidden or private.

If you want more traffic, though, more people reading you - be fucking interesting!

Meanwhile, check out the 'anti-campaign'

1 comment:

pentaphobe said...


Before I left for work this morning I was sitting, shaking my head at the BlogExplosion explosion..

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