Monday, November 29, 2004

ah, yes, well, er....

Thanks to JerkyLeBoeuf for the link to Zoom Quilt a fantastic bit of collaborative artwork

And just a throwaway as I approach the stressful time of year for a employers are working very hard to inform staff to be tolerant of each others' religions, reminding staff that Muslims will not be eating in daylight during Ramadan, for instance (don't invite them to lunch, and try not to eat your sandwiches in front of them, presumably); there have been cultural updates on various 'alternative religions' (given that Britain still claims to be Christian, even if Church and State should be separate by now...)

There was one indication of a certain lack of early indoctrination today, however, in an apology relating to a previous Christian briefing, about the meaning of Advent etc:

Please note that this should have read "Son of God" not "Son of

Seems like the plot of Holy Blood, Holy Grail has finally seeped into common consciousness.

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