Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Creative Writing

I am still writing several hundred words a day (just exercise, like walking 2-3 miles every day)- but I am doing it in the Academy precincts. It's fun though - as I tend to self-censor in this blog, knowing that anyone and all sorts of people might come across it (I don't kid myself that many would seek it out!)

The fun in a restricted area is to let loose a little, with my more crazy or irresponsible thoughts. There is a tolerant gang around, and even if they disagree they do so politely - we haven't had any flame wars yet.

It seems to me a benign group because most of us lack rigid beliefs or taboos. Of course, to people who only feel secure with 'certainty' that means we are shape-shifters, or 'indecisive' or fickle. Most true believers seem to want you to believe the same as them, but if you can't bring yourself to do that you should at least adopt another firm belief. "Stand and fight!" The idea of living without such structures seems to spook the herd - they appear to think of amorality as much worse than immorality (if they can even make that distinction).

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