Sunday, September 05, 2004

What white rabbit?

I've just been on the tv again (nah, no royalties) but while I was in the garden on a hot day, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was on the box. And here is the six-man puppet crew, holding assorted tricks of the trade. I am sure we all got credits when the film came out, but we seem to have been dumped now. (sigh)- Well, I see we are all listed on the DVD version, perhaps it's the just the tv version which has shortened the 743 people list....

That's me centre/back holding the electronic lighter which the octopus barman uses to light the actress's cigarette...Dave Barclay (the grand master) in front of me, Mike Quinn with the weasel's machine gun...those two were 'Ultimate Animates' for a while. Then there's Geoff Felix bottom left (who makes vent dummies), and Christopher Leith (top right) the marionette expert, and Ian Tegonning the very funny Aussie guy in the top left.

It's odd to be discussing Harvey the pookah rabbit in the Academy, and to realise that I spent about 3 months with Bob Hoskins seeing a white rabbit who wasn't there at the time, but when we exposed the film he was there for all to see. fnord

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