Sunday, September 19, 2004

Support your local library - information wants to be free!

Just in case you think being a librarian is the dullest job in the world, working with grey, boring staff - shushing people and generally fussing about...check out

Jessamyn West "Putting the rarin' back into Librarian since 1993"

Here's an article about her site ands the misuse of The Patriot Act in the US of A.

Or, if thinking is hard work, try the naked librarians page but be warned some of them are actually quite rude...

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Anonymous said...

Here's a question for you, does information want to be useless?

Toby said...

heh - I would say so, but I come from the arts side of human studies, so even theories of the universe sound like poetic explorations and pattern-making to me.

I have a lot less experience of, and a lot less to offer to, the purely practical outcomes of human thinking and creativity.

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