Friday, September 10, 2004

Je suis arrivé

Well I have arrived in Paris, and found an Internet cafe quite easily (I used it last year!)

Aurélien picked me up from the airport, and put in me a posh hotel. Now I can wander around, tuning in. Listening to the language and trying to remember what little I know.

Il faut pratiquer, parce que j'ai oublié tout. Je vais ici et là. Une biere blanche avec citron ici, et une sandwich du fromage là, avec un cafe et une cigarette. Le paradis artificiel.

Being in Paris makes everyone a colourful character - the woman on the Metro with a kitten in a box, and the woman pulling her vacuum cleaner through the streets - it's simple magic to change your space, and hear another language, and just hang out.


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