Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Acting as if it matters

Well, if anyone who reads this really does miss a daily column, I am sorry, but now that I am logged into the Maybe Logic Forum, and doing three different courses, I am online a lot, but not really updating the blog or the website at all.

It won't go on for ever, but I am really enjoying it. Brain-stretching time...loads of reading (instead of watching tv) - new friends I don't have to explain everything to every time (shared obsessions and sub-cultural language).


So to family, and Star Wars fans, old juggling mates, and ex's - I'll be back!

1 comment:

pentaphobe said...

what are you doing here? get back to school!

:) looking forward to joining you in there - been super distracted/busy/stressed of late. but COMING SOON to a phobius near you - Time!

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