Friday, August 06, 2004

Ah come on now, you can afford these (cheap laffs)...

Support Your Anarchist Parasite and Mixed-Ability Shaman! (no not me, but Lofty Tone) - I have no financial interest in this, it's just a whole-hearted recommendation - if some of the postcards here don't make you laugh then what are you doing on my site?

(sings like Mick Jagger, waving shotgun) "Hey! You! Get Offa My Site! "

1 comment:

Witty Woman said...

Well ... the "Men are from Earth" one is clever and I did titter at that one, the American ones I liked for reasons of my own I won't go into here (they might be watching) and the TV licence one was sort of funny, but didn't laugh at any of the others.

I suppose that makes me a miserable old bat. Can't argue with that.

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