Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well, gosh darn, I am nearly up to having my 1000th visitor, since records began, (last August) - I'd do some kind of reward or ceremony but I am anti-ritual, and tight-fisted, and (sulk) it's MY birthday coming up this weekend...

I can't help it that I was born on St Valentine's Day. It used to be a rather minor holiday when I was a kid, but capitalism and its desperation to sell things has boosted almost any excuse for shopping and parties - so I end up associated with lurve (yeeugh) red satin hearts (aaargh) chocolate (yech) puppies (aaaah) red balloons (?) - are those symbolic condoms? - and all the other dreary stuff that contrived holidays have these days - drinking too much (champagne, no doubt) - dressing up - scoring - it's so tiring.

Personally I'll be glad when it's over - and we all move on to - what is it? Pancakes? Whitsun (what the hell is that?) Easter (chocolate again, rabbits and torture).

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