Sunday, February 01, 2004

I am taking a few days off now - going to visit my sister; meet a couple of the people from the Dark Side Convention in London; hoping to get over to Somerset.

Had a bit of a wild night on Friday, straight from work, and have mislaid (or lost) my computer glasses (middle distance) so I can either peer at the screen without glasses, or sit so far away that my arms can hardly reach the keyboard, and the letters are too small. Hey ho. Another unexpected expense to blow my carefully balance budget (I am paying off the cost of this computer which has sat on my one and only credit card for far too long).

I only GOT the credit card to pay for the computer (and occasionally shop online) - I don't use it for anything else - I find debt scary. Perhaps I am the last of that older generation who paid in cash....and never bought things they couldn't afford.

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