Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I actually learned a bit more about Access and the library database in the last couple of days. Paul is a very good and patient teacher.

Watched late night tv (BBC4 progs on BBC2) - about the legal brothels in Paris in the first half of the twentieth century (uncomfortable viewing, but extraordinary social history - and of course many of my favourite artists writers and photographers knew this world). This was followed by a programme about Andre Breton and Surrealism - rather more light-weight - and a bit lowbrow (or is that just 'British'?).

In spite of my relentless bearing down on my (by most people's standards) small debt, I have still bought a couple of Bill Hicks items (his writings are new out, and there are articles in the press...ten years after his death - apparently he stopped speaking on Valentine's Day, and died on the 26th). I also jumped at the chance to grab a copy of Masked and Anonymous (even in the US format). Well, it's my sort of thing.

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