Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been very effective on the material plane (owning things). I have, however, always been an info-addict since I can remember. Even stumbling out of a house I could never return to I have tended to grab files....rather than clothes.

I just came across a particularly unsorted bulging file of mine - which I will tease out soon, but the various strands of it are: nomadic life-styles (both traditional and tribal - Aborigines, some of the Native Americans, Romany gypsies, etc - and contemporary - Travellers); the sometimes involuntary or desperate (post-war tramps, homelessness); human rights; the history - Enclosures Acts, land grabs, etc. There's some BOTTLED ANGER in there. Stonehenge and the Battle of the Bean Field. Genocide. There's also some treasured memories (hanging out in Seville with Jose Vega Campo - mi amigo gitano ). There are also notes from weeks spent in The British Library researching the whole subject area.....

And yes, of course I am aware of the danger of romancing the bohemians - especially as I now seem to have finally settled somewhere...

There was a brief summary (aimed at street performers) in an article I wrote for Kaskade - re-published here. The draft was ten pages long, though, and I had to leave an awful lot out. Perhaps I'll put the draft up as a first stab at opening the subject matter out.

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