Sunday, December 21, 2003

Quotes like this just remind me of the madness. I was always in an underclass of my own (starving artist), so I never owned a car or house, and with a low level self-employed lifestyle I had no credit either, as I stumbled from contract to contract.

So, even though I now have a steady little job (paid £14,500 and taking home £11,500 after tax) I can't even CONSIDER the world around me as welcoming:

"To afford a £160,000 house, a buyer would have to earn £41,500 a year and after putting down a 10% deposit the monthly repayments on a £144,000 mortgage are £884.28. The average wage is £25,000 a year."

Or check out the Rockall Times satire.

The Guardian : 'We calculate that even with a 10 per cent deposit, more than 50 per cent of the working population would now be unable to borrow enough to buy a typical first-time buyer property.'

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