Saturday, December 27, 2003

OK OK, it's over.

In fact I have been so tired recently that it was very little problem to sleep through most of it...I last took some leave in August, and since then it has been adrenaline all the way, so when it stopped on the 23rd I just switched off. Sorry about that, everyone (but particularly Julie).

And here we are in the limbo between Christmas and the New Year. Another strange time - sort of ordinary and unusual at the same moment.

I could have sworn we had all done masses of shopping in December, but the Sales kick in immediately, as if we had been 'fasting' from shopping, rather than over-indulging.

Oh dear. Sorry. I obviously still haven't quite finished the rant. Still I'll go back and delete it once the season has gone.

And I am about to score my 2000th hit since I put the page counter in (oh, when was that?) Over 700 visitors. I have no idea how much of the site anyone visits, or what they all make of it, but I still enjoy writing and editing pages myself - as though I was finally getting around to writing a book ( but a lot less strain, and no fear of rejection by a publisher).

Maybe this year I should tear it down and start again....

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