Saturday, December 06, 2003

Oh my aching head. I went to Julie's 'staff do' last night, and had to make it into work today. My traditional (and carefully worded) email to staff about my not 'doing' Christmas (see the Concern link below) has elicited a much angrier email to everyone on the staff, from the vegan in the libraries, about the number of animals (not just turkeys) who are going to suffer for the party.

As a vegetarian (not a vegan) I still feel OK about buying goats for people who may milk them and eventually eat them. I am not a judgemental veggie convert, I grew up that way, and it just seems natural for me.

Still, I am quite pleased that somebody younger and angrier pointed this stuff out - I just hope we are not spoiling anyone's Christmas, is all. People are miserable enough (even if they don't know it) so I don't begrudge people fun. I just want to politely point out that there are less extravagant and greedy ways to have fun, and feel content.

A quiet game of cards by an open fire will do me, thanks. And maybe a walk in the hills with Judith's new dog. That will do nicely. (But I guess you could say I am just getting old...)

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