Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I am a Bob Dylan fan, as you may have noticed (though not a fanatic), and can even forgive him dabbling in religion fnord - after all, Shakespeare was probably one of the team who 'translated' the Word of God into the King James Bible - and made God sound good (like a great actor) rather than 'sinister' to our English-speaking ears (speaking in a Semitic tongue).

If you are a wordsmith, orator, actor, etc then the King James has some wonderful raw material. As a human creation it IS one of the great books. It's just a shame we don't take credit for it... (admit it?)

Even sadder that the three big religions (and all their sub-entities) which have roots in this book have been responsible for almost all the fighting in the Westen world (at least) in the last few thousand years.

"But apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

So - why Bob? Well, if you'd like to see Volume 3 of Paul Williams' Bob Biog "Mind Out of Time" written then you can pre-order a copy to help pay Mr Williams to write it over the next couple of years.

This pre-ordering of 'art' worked for me when I subscribed early for a copy of "Maybe Logic" from deepleaf productions, to help pay for post-production.

Maybe when this season in which I spend as little as possible is over, I will consider it. I hope you can hold out that long, Mr Williams!

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