Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Hi - it's Wednesday night, and I have just worked 8 days in a row, so I am a little 'tired'.
I get a day off tomorrow, so I'll try and tidy up around here.

I have noticed that my free Tokelau link has a couple of bugs and hiccups. I get some sort of error message sometimes when logged in via the address, and then follow a link out, and then back. It'll take a little study. For a while I thought it was just links out of blogger and back, so it may be some more complex interaction of out and back.

No big deal anyway, as they are both fast growing enterprises, and eBay survived an unstable start with slightly erratic servers (service)....I am not complaining - it's a free and memorable link.

However, if I was to promote the paid-for links, I would have to test the thing, I guess (is that just me?) I like the links to go and be fast - not a server down - and if I am going to have pop-ups (there's a first for me) I want them to pop up right-on Tokelau anarchist island free domain names - not an online casino, as briefly happened to me.

Hey ho. Keili's site was doing it too. Still, it's not bad that you can just type in and get straight there. I like that. I never even noticed that my friend HR had one of these addresses ages ago. just type in [no www. no http://]

OK - you don't like to type: here's links Keili ************** HR
But my job is bugs (many of which I can't fix, some of which I can work round) so I don't complain (just remind myself to go back and finish that piece about systems thinking).

I think I am happy to change my previous link - to their free service - to one that includes the option to pay for the address, and make it certainly yours. That's probably worth it, as otherwise you have to keep a small but steady stream of visitors flowing to your site to keep your address. I think it's a correct enough plan. It discourages people from just buying names as an investment (this - from a man who sells autographs!)

Anyway, and all. I can't promise to be a great ambassador for Tokelau, (especially as I have never been there) - but I will do my best. It seems like a 'cunning plan'.

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