Monday, December 22, 2003

Happy Solstice to all sentient beings!


The shopping frenzy continues here - it means I can't even get my coffee easily in a mid-morning 'tea-break' because of the queues. I don't see anyone smiling as they struggle through the shops (the fun comes later, apparently).

I have nothing against a break from work; a time to see (or write/talk to) people we have neglected; a period where we set aside our competitive natures and show 'goodwill to all people' (or all sentient beings (even turkeys), every day - as the Buddhists recommend); a time for small gifts of thoughtfulness.

Personally, I am willing to go through a bit of grief from my questioning the way it is right now - but ONLY because I can imagine it better in the future. 20 years from now, how great it would be if we all had a holiday when we took TIME for each other; gave our disposable income to good causes; genuinely stopped fighting and competing (if only for a few days - armistice/amnesty); spent a little time considering where we came from, and where we are going....

I hope I live to see it (I'd be 77 years old by then).

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