Monday, September 29, 2003

Wow, I am tired today. I had a great time in Belgium. The trade fair was an interesting space (who knew people collected Smurfs? and who knew Smurfs were called Schtroumpfs in France? Or is that their name in Germany - ah no, that's Schlumpfe). even if Charleroi seems to have some of the dirtiest air I have ever smelled.

It was great to see Ailsa and Yvonne again, and good to talk to Gerald Home, who I was obviously working alongside more than once back then in the glory days, but we none of us have been in touch since.

Aurelien and I had a very funny time - and our nonsense eventually began to affect Gerald, too. I am not sure that Michael Sheard and Bear were quite so amused by our antics. hey ho.

My shy side couldn't possibly do a gig like that (talking to strangers, talking in French, etc) so my clown tends to take over the reins...and he isn't dangerous but he is a little bit loud and carefree...and when you give him a couple of hospitality beers it gets even worse (I didn't used to let him drink, back then when I was a professional juggler and acrobatic clown!)

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